Free webinar: "The North American Certification System: Certification, LPC, and Field Labels" and "Standards and the Latest Information Required for Mechanical Equipment"

For companies involved in the export of industrial machinery to North America, an overseas standard online seminar "North America Certification System: Certification / LPC / Field Label" and "Standards and Latest Information Required for Machinery Equipment" will be held on Thursday, July 29,14:00
As a UL508A certified control panel manufacturer, we support the conformity of machinery and equipment in various industries such as food machinery, packaging machinery, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, transfer equipment, machine tools, molding machines, battery manufacturing equipment, and industrial furnaces.
In this seminar, with the cooperation of "SGS Japan", the Japanese subsidiary of "SGS", the third-party certification body to which engineers belong most in the world, how to select standards and certified products to be referred to, and risks of non-compliance with standards. We will explain from various angles.

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