IDEC Factory Solutions uses EPLAN
to seamlessly connect everything from design to manufacturing,
greatly improving the production efficiency of electric control panels and equipment.

  • ● What is EPLAN?

    EPLAN is software that improves the efficiency of the "design," "manufacturing," and "operation" of electrical control panels and equipment. Interfaces for ERP and PLM / PDM systems are important for centralizing data management throughout the value chain, and EPLAN enables seamless collaboration across all engineering fields.

    By connecting everything with EPLAN, everyone from SMEs to global companies can utilize their expertise more efficiently than ever, regardless of the size of their company.

    ● What is possible with EPLAN

    EPLAN design data is centrally managed in a database called the EPLAN Platform. This platform is our basis for design and manufacturing automation.

EPLAN: Applicable from design to production Great effect regardless of whether it is an electric circuit design alone or in combination with a panel layout, etc. 3D / 2D wire harness design 3D board design Parts placement, automatic wiring, Interference confirmation Design automation Circuit design / PLC cooperation / self-operation diagram PLC, etc. Parts setting Design with the latest parts information Wiring instructions / wire automatic manufacturing / manufacturing machine cooperation Reduction of sheet metal manufacturing manpower Wire creation / elimination of wiring work mistakes

Electrical design can be done efficiently

Traditional CAD circuit design requires a lot of manual work, such as drawing lines, numbering, and creating separate bill of materials (BOM) reports.
By introducing and utilizing EPLAN, these manual operations can be automated, and the secondary effects of automation lead to reduced labor costs, work time, and errors.

Everything from design to manufacturing can be seamlessly connected

Rather than just design, engineering that connects everything from design to manufacturing and maintenance is possible.

The electrical design parts database "EPLAN Data Portal" can be used

ccurate parts data is one of the essential elements for efficient design, but creating parts data from scratch each time is a very tedious task and tends to be avoided.
The EPLAN Data Portal, a shared database of parts created and supported by parts manufacturers, has greatly reduced the time and effort required for such a job.

Manufacturers around the world manage their own parts data, and register and publish rated values and 3D layout drawings in this parts database.
By utilizing this EPLAN Data Portal, you can save the trouble of creating parts data just by importing the data for the parts you’re using into your project.

● Benefits of providing to customers

The latest trend is to use digital twins at the control panel design and development stages.
A digital twin of a control panel is a 3D virtual prototype panel created while designing that is exactly the same as the actual one.
The basis for this is high-quality 3D data recreations of the housing and mounting parts.
By utilizing the 3D data of these parts in a design project, it is possible to determine the manufacturing and wiring information that will be required later while still designing.
EPLAN project data can also be exported and used in manufacturing processes, including wiring work.

In this way, engineering that utilizes EPLAN achieves overall process optimization, leading to new value being provided to customers.