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About JAKA
About JAKA


"Robots free both human hands"
From that mission, an innovative collaborative robot was born.

JAKA Robotics was founded in China in 2014.

JAKA inherits the core technology and R & D DNA cultivated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Robot Research Institute since 1979, and is a powerful research by more than 10 authoritative experts and more than 100 experienced engineers in the field of robot development. Formed a development team.

We have established breakthrough achievements in multiple application fields such as Drive Control Integration, Integral Joint, Free Drive Programming, and Wireless Connection, and have always been a leader in robot development trends.

JAKA's mission is to "free both human hands with robots", and we will maintain a dedicated, professional, and original spirit, send the fire of wisdom to every corner of the world, and various companies will carry out Industry 4.0. We support smooth business development in the times.

About JAKA