MiR equipped with an arm-type top module
Grips and tows the trolley

MiR's hook-type top module grabs the trolley with its arm and pulls it. It is useful for a wide range of towing tasks, such as transporting products and parts in manufacturing facilities and warehouses, and moving linen and food carts in hospitals.

Cart towing by arm grip

Application features

Introducing the features of MiR equipped with an arm-type top module.

Cart towing by arm grip<

Customer Story

Automates the transportation of 16 types of trolleys of different sizes and weights

A manufacturer of automation systems for clinical laboratories installed an MiR with a trolley gripping and towing arm for transporting raw materials and finished products.
The QR code attached to the trolley recognizes the size and type of the trolley, automatically calculates a safe route, and tows it.
The upper system manages the trolleys and MiR, and it is possible to check which trolley is being transported.

Introduction of MiR realizes safety, optimization of space usage, and productivity improvement

A home appliance manufacturing factory installed four MiR4 Hooks and one MiR200 to improve material supply efficiency on the monitor and TV assembly line.
The MiR200 Hook grips and tows carts loaded with pallets in the same work area as people, transporting materials to various locations.
Not only have we reduced the number of accidents that previously occurred during the towing process, but we have also optimized the workflow and significantly improved the efficiency of material feeding to the production line.

Each MiR travels an average of 1 km per day, saving employees time

NIDEC GPM Group has installed three MiRs to automate the transportation of parts from the warehouse to the assembly line.
The size and type of the cart is recognized using the QR code attached to the cart loaded with parts, and the parts are transported to the corresponding destination.
Safety is ensured by sounding a warning sound while the trolley is being towed to notify surrounding people of its location.

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