About essential safety measures for introducing AMR

As long as AMR coexists and shares its operating area with people, ensuring safety is extremely important.

The safety of automated guided vehicles is stipulated in ISO3691-4/JIS D 6802 "Automated guided vehicles and automated guided vehicle systems – Safety requirements and verification".As safety measures, automatic guided vehicles are equipped with pressure-detecting bumpers that stop the AMR when it comes into contact with people or obstacles, laser scanners that detect approaching people or obstacles, and emergency stop devices. are required to be equipped with a safety device and a device that issues an alarm under specified conditions.Braking and speed control functions are also listed as safety features. AMR must have these features.

However, when considering the actual operation of the system, the safety functions must be used appropriately according to the operating environment.
It is necessary to deal with hazards and hazards unique to human collaboration work spaces, such as the driving environment, cooperation with peripheral equipment, and consideration of worker flow lines.
In addition, in a collaborative work space, even if only safety is considered, equipment introduction will not be successful unless equipment operation efficiency is also considered.

In order to realize an optimal environment where both safety and productivity are compatible, manufacturers, system integrators, and users should discuss both safety measures and on-site operation regulations, and consider productivity while ensuring safety. should be handled with caution.The basis for this is risk assessment.

What is Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment is the process of discovering various dangerous parts and dangerous movements (sources of hazards) of equipment prior to operation, predicting the seriousness of occupational accidents that may be caused by them, and assessing the magnitude of the risks posed by the sources of hazards. It is a method of estimating the degree of deterioration and deciding whether it can be left as it is.Based on the results, we will take safety measures in order, starting with the sources of danger that could lead to serious accidents.

With regard to risk assessment and safety measures, the Industrial Safety and Health Act (Article XNUMX-XNUMX) stipulates that “there shall be efforts to investigate the dangers and hazards, etc., and take necessary measures based on the results (outline of text).” ) is stipulated as an obligation to make efforts.

Especially in modern times, various equipment and materials are used, and the hazards and hazards are diversified accordingly. is.

As long as AMR shares the operating area with people, risk assessment is extremely important, just like collaborative robots.

For building a safe AMR system

Cooperation between AMR manufacturers, AMR system integrators, and end users is essential to build a safe AMR system.

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