New Products MiR600 and MiR1350 Released

Mobile Industrial Robots A/S released new products MiR2021 and MiR8 in August 600.   Powerful AMRs MiR600 and MiR1350 are capable of handling a payload of 600 kg and 1350 kg respectively. <br> They support a wide range of transportation work at manufacturing and logistics sites, <br class="br-pc"> maximizing the efficiency of in-house logistics and material handling tasks. <br> Although similar to the existing MiR500 and MiR1000, they are designed to meet the highest safety standards (ISO3691-4), <br class="br-pc"> with significantly improved quality and reliability.<br> In addition, as industrial-grade AMRs engineered for long-term use in industrial environments, <br class="br-pc"> their chassis and trolleys have been modified to withstand higher payloads. <br> All internal components are industrial and protected, and there is a pull-out compartment for easy maintenance.<br> In addition, these two new models are the first IR52-rated AMRs in the market, <br class="br-pc"> which means they are capable of withstanding dust and water droplets and <br class="br-pc"> can be used in more challenging environments than other AMRs. <br>please use this form.Please contact us.

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