Exhibiting at the Virtual Exhibition "ITmedia Virtual Expo"

IDEC Factory Solutions is exhibiting at the online exhibition “ITmedia Virtual EXPO 2021 Autumn" which kicked off on September 1. <br> Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been dragging on since last year, all the in-person exhibitions have been canceled, <br class="br-pc"> and we are all forced to refrain from visiting showrooms. Under such circumstances, <br class="br-pc"> we decided to exhibit at the virtual exhibition for the first time so that customers in manufacturing and <br class="br-pc"> logistics sites aiming to improve productivity and quality can find clues and tips for automation solutions to do so. <br> Our booth is in Venue A of Smart Factory EXPO. <br> We are offering the latest information on various solutions we provide, such as collaborative robots and autonomous mobile robots <br class="br-pc"> that are indispensable for making factories smarter. <br> As for the content related to the autonomous mobile robot MiR, <br> we are streaming a webcast in which our staff Tanaka, who was in charge of actual introductions and <br class="br-pc"> helped our customers significantly improve their inter-process transfer by introducing the robot, <br class="br-pc"> explains how we solved our customers' challenges and what were technical hurdles, <br class="br-pc"> using examples of specific introduction cases in Japan and abroad. <br> Please take a look at the webcast to discover how the automation of transportation tasks is actually done on site. <br> In addition to inquiries about the products and solutions presented at ITmedia Virtual EXPO 2021, <br class="br-pc"> we also welcome inquiries about other products and consultations regarding automation. <br> We hope to discuss with you online first. Please use this form to contact us.<br><br>https://www.kyodo-robot.com/online-consulting   All the staff are looking forward to your visit.

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