Free webinar "Latest trends in on-site transport automation promoted by the automobile industry" held on 2/9 (Thursday) [Finished]

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This is the second co-sponsored webinar with AMR global leader Mobile Industrial Robots, which was well received last time.

As you know, the automotive industry is the most automated industry.

 In order to pursue customized production, customers in the automobile industry have finally started to work on full-scale automation even for in-house logistics, which had been put off until now.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are attracting attention.

In this webinar (online seminar), following the first installment, we invited engineers and sales managers from Mobile Industrial Robots, a global leader in AMR, to introduce AMR introduction cases in the European and American automobile industries, which are at the forefront of automation. Let's eat.

In addition, from the standpoint of a robot SIer, we will explain the points to be kept in mind when building an AMR system where safety is essential, based on the international standard ISO3691-4.


For details and to apply for participation,please use this form.Please see the information page.

*Application deadline: February 2 (Friday) 6:18

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