We have registered for "COOL CHOICE"

In 2019, the IDEC Group established a new philosophy, "The IDEC Way," with the vision of "Pioneer the new norm for a safer and sustainable world." We aim to create a future and new possibilities for society, pioneer new standards that will become the “normal” of tomorrow, and realize a safer and more sustainable society that brings happiness and peace of mind to all people. I'm here.

As part of this, IDEC Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. has registered to support the "COOL CHOICE" promoted by the Ministry of the Environment.

"COOL CHOICE" is a daily activity that contributes to the creation of a decarbonized society, such as "replacement with products," "use of services," and "choice of lifestyle," in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as COXNUMX. It is an effort to make all kinds of “wise choices” in the life of the elderly.


About "COOL CHOCE"please use this form.

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