Announcement of “Declaration of Partnership Building”

IDEC Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. endorsed the aims of the "Council for Building Partnerships to Open Up the Future" promoted by the Cabinet Office and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, and announced the "Declaration for Building Partnerships."We aim to build new partnerships by promoting cooperation and coexistence and co-prosperity with business partners in the supply chain and businesses that create value.

In this declaration, IDEC Factory Solutions clearly states that it will promote the following items with regard to "coexistence and co-prosperity of the entire supply chain and new collaboration beyond scales and affiliations".

○ Promote the digitization of order and billing information, and work to improve the efficiency of both operations.
○ Work on preferential procurement from products and services that have a low environmental impact and from companies that actively take environmental considerations into consideration.


IDEC Factory Solutions partnership building declaration (full text) isplease use this form.Please refer from.

For more information on the Partnership Building DeclarationPortal site operated by the National Association of Small Business Promotion Organizationsfor more information.