Certified as an Ichinomiya support company

Our company, IDEC Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., was certified as an "Ichinomiya City Support Company" in recognition of the social contribution activities undertaken at our head office (Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture).

"Ichinomiya City Support Company" works in two or more fields in each field, including safety and security, environmental conservation, commercial and industrial promotion, town development/regional development, childcare, and other fields, in order to promote collaborative town development among citizens, companies, and the government. This is an initiative in which the Ichinomiya City Regional Contribution Business Certification Business Certification Council certifies companies based on applications from companies that engage in activities.

Our company has been evaluated and certified for the following points.
1.Safety and security: AED installation and disclosure at the main factory (Building C)
14001.Environmental conservation: ISO22 (environmental management system) acquisition, National Route XNUMX cleanup activities

All of our employees will continue to work hard to contribute to local safety and security as well as environmental conservation.

For more information on “Ichinomiya City Support Company”Click here for the guidelines.for more information.