Announcement of publication of useful document "Industrial Machinery 'UL Certification' Guidebook for North America"

IDEC Factory Solutions has created and released a useful document, "Industrial Machinery for North America 'UL Certification' Guidebook", which explains points to avoid failures in exporting industrial machinery to North America and designing and producing UL certified control panels.

When exporting machinery to the U.S., it has been generally said that using UL-certified parts would be no problem. It has become.If the response is insufficient, it may lead to large risks such as being returned at customs or not being able to use the machine at the export destination.
This guidebook provides easy-to-understand explanations of the points of standards such as NFPA79, UL508A, and SCCR that you should know in advance.
At the same time, in the guidebook, as a UL508A certified control panel manufacturer, we also provide information on the services we provide to companies considering exporting industrial machinery to North America.

If you would like to know the points to avoid failure when exporting industrial machinery and control panelsplease use this form.Please check after downloading from.