Gifu Technical High School, supported by our IDEC Factory Solutions, won the grand prize at the 2nd High School Robot System Integration Competition.

Gifu Prefectural Gifu Technical High School, which our IDEC Factory Solutions supported, won the grand prize at the 2023nd High School Robot System Integration Competition held on December 12th and 9th, 12. I received an award.

■High school student robot system integration competition(High School Robot SI League)And

Sponsored by Aichi Prefecture, this is a competition that started in 2022 for high school students nationwide with the aim of creating human resources for robot system integrators (commonly known as "robot system integrators") who are responsible for automating manufacturing sites.

This competition is the only competition in Japan for high school students with the theme of system integration, and its most distinctive feature is that the high school students use industrial robots that are actually used in manufacturing sites. This time, the second time, was held at Aichi Prefecture International Exhibition Center [Aichi Sky Expo] (Tokoname City) on December 2023, 12.

At this competition, Gifu Prefectural Gifu Technical High School, which our company supported, received the highest award.

of the competitionMessage

The 10 schools selected from a large number of applications were divided into three categories and participated in various seminars to learn about robot system integration. They also received guidance and advice from robot system integrators certified as support companies, while being loaned free of charge by Aichi Prefecture. The participants worked on the competition task of automating manufacturing using robots and peripheral equipment that were used to automate manufacturing over a period of about eight months until the day of the competition.

The competition assignment consists of two parts: basic assignments and applied assignments. After completing the basic tasks while receiving guidance and advice from support system integrators, participating schools compete on the difficulty level of their own choice from among the set applied tasks.

[Comments from Kobayashi, who was in charge of support]

This time, for the second time, we supported Gifu Prefectural Gifu Technical High School, which tackled issues in the Mitsubishi Electric category and won the grand prize.

It is necessary to adjust the speed of the robot's movements depending on movements such as grasping and inserting, but it is difficult to move all movements at 100% speed because it may not work properly if the program is not created correctly. It will be quite expensive.

The team from Gifu Prefectural High School believes that the fact that they were the only team to complete all of the tasks at 100% robot speed compared to the challenges that each participating school tackled led to their winning the top prize.

■Our role

Although the robot industry is a growing industry, it cannot be denied that there will be a shortage of engineers responsible for system integration in the future due to various factors such as the declining birthrate, aging population, and decline in the working-age population.

As a robot system integrator, we have been responsible for the automation of many manufacturing sites, so the lack of human resources is by no means someone else's problem, and the training of human resources who will be responsible for automation in the future is significant as it will lead to the revitalization of the entire industry. I fully support this initiative.

Our company has been involved since the first preparation stage, providing support for the system integration of participating high schools, and as a supporting company, providing safety equipment such as IDEC safety light curtains and safety switches with solenoid.

In addition, Okada from our Safety Promotion Department is in charge of safety evaluation and participates in risk assessment courses, reviewing documents of risk assessment content from all participating schools, checking the actual system at the venue, and providing support such as providing direct feedback to students. .
In the future, we will continue to not only play a supporting role, but also contribute in whatever small way we can to solving the social issue of human resource shortages.