Notice regarding new management execution system

Our company, IDEC Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., has decided to adopt an executive officer system for business execution starting from the new fiscal year and adopt the following new management structure.
We will continue to promote further group collaboration and global business expansion.

  Representative Director and President (CEO) Katsutoshi Fujiki
  Director Chief Operating Officer (COO) Kiyotaka Takenaka
  Executive vice-president  Yasuyuki Ogawa
  Director, Business Administration Department Manager Tomohiro Inoue
  Statutory Auditor Kenichiro Yagi
  【Operating officer】  
  Executive Officer, Quality Assurance Department Yasuhiro Tanigo
  Executive Officer Sales Manager Masatoshi Suzuki
  Executive Officer, Technology and Production Manager Tetsuya Inoue


Regarding Katsutoshi Fujiki, President and Representative Director,
He has also assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of IDEC AUTO-ID SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd., a member of the IDEC Group, and intends to further strengthen the business collaboration between the two companies.