RoboDK was developed by combining technologies,
An epoch-making robot simulation software.

RoboDK was founded in 1 as a spin-off of the CoRo Institute at ETS University, one of the most prestigious robot laboratories in North America.
At the same institute, he was working on the development of "RoKiSim", a multi-platform for 6D software education of serial 3-axis robots.
The simulation software RoboDK was created by Albert Nubiola (current CEO of RoboDK) by expanding RoKiSim for commercial use.
Nubiola said, "Each company person can practice robot simulation with or without coding skills.
Furthermore, simulation software, which was expensive as it was close to the same price as conventional robots,
It was developed to reach a large number of people at an affordable price. "

What is RoboDK?

History of RoboDK

2015 Business start. Provides a calibration function for milling using ABB robots.
2017 The release of RoboDK 3.0 adds new features and applications.
NASA builds airframe inspection system using RoboDK
2019 Added automatic collision avoidance and VS Code extension.
NASA Announces Dual Robot Inspection Project Using RoboDK
  • The only robot simulation that supports full simulation capabilities on mobile platforms
    And become a programming software company. (Available on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi)
  • Provides an interface in 17 languages ​​and online documentation in 9 languages
  • Selected as one of the Top XNUMX Startup Companies Offering Robotics Movement Software
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