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robot calibration

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    Robot calibration is the process of estimating the actual geometric parameters in the kinematic structure of an industrial robot, such as the relative positions of the robot's joint links.

    By performing simulations using the estimated parameters, the difference between offline and online operations will be reduced and the accuracy of the robot will be improved.

    * A measurement system such as a laser tracker is required to calibrate the robot.Please contact us for more information.

  • Robot calibration (robot arm)

robot ball bar testing

  • Features

    Ballbar testing can be performed to test the performance of CNC equipment (computer numerical control equipment).

    Ballbar testing is also effective for industrial robots.
    Ballbar testing allows you to check and calibrate your robot's performance and deterioration.

  • robot ball bar testing

ISO9283 performance testing

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    ISO9283 Performance Testing provides procedures for properly measuring the positional accuracy, repeatability, and path accuracy of robots using configurations and recommended paths specified by ISO9283.

  • ISO9283 performance testing

TwinTool (TCP calibration)

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    RoboDK TwinTool Calibration allows you to automatically calibrate the TCP (Tool Center Point).

    Industrial robots have high reproducibility of motion, but there are actually variations in positional accuracy.
    Without calibration, position accuracy is dependent on the robot brand and model, leading to variations.

  • RoboDK TwinTool (TCP calibration)


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    RoboDK TwinTrack provides a new way to teach robots movements through demonstration. It is now possible to create a robot movement program that allows the robot to imitate human movements.
    This greatly reduces the time required for teaching applications such as painting, polishing, deburring, dispensing, and welding that require very detailed teaching.

  • RoboDK TwinTrack
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