Online seminar for food manufacturing industry

Online seminar for food manufacturing industry

"How Should the Food Manufacturing Industry Tackle
Improving Productivity in the With-Corona Era?"
-Automated solutions in the downstream process of the food manufacturing industry-

Date and time: 2021.10.28(Thursday) 14: 00-15: 00
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"How should the food manufacturing industry work to improve productivity in the era of with corona?"-Automated solutions in the downstream process of the food manufacturing industry-

Chilled lunch boxes, sandwiches, rice balls, etc.
Based on the introduction example of the transfer device used in the food manufacturing process
We will release the best automation know-how for improving productivity!

Although it is the effect of the prolonged new corona infection, I feel that the light at the exit is finally visible as the corona vaccination progresses.
However, there is a risk that the number of infected people will increase again due to the relaxation of behavioral restrictions, and it is still unpredictable.
Among them, labor shortage in the food manufacturing industry has been a common issue before Corona, and it is predicted that it will accelerate further after Corona.For business owners, improving productivity by automating production lines is an inevitable and eternal theme.
In May 2021, IDEC Factory Solutions expanded its robot system business in the food manufacturing field by transferring the business from Squse Inc., which has strengths in transfer solutions for food manufacturing lines.
Therefore, based on the experience and know-how that we have gained from the delivery record so far, the webinar (online seminar) "How should the food manufacturing industry work to improve productivity in the with corona era? -Food We will implement "Automated solutions in the downstream process of the manufacturing industry".
While there are still many voices that automation is difficult due to the characteristics of foodstuffs, we have discovered and realized the optimal automation solution for your company in food transfer, which is the final process of the food production line, which is relatively easy for small and medium-sized companies to automate, such as boxing. The aim is to have it.Since it is conducted online, please feel free to join us.We are looking forward to your application.

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Date and Time
October 2021, 10(Thursday) 28:14-00:15
1. Anticipated challenges for the food manufacturing industry in the with-corona era
2. Key points for promoting automation in the food manufacturing industry
3. Examples of automation solutions for product manufacturing lines
4. Introducing the "ST-2000" product transfer device
* The product transfer device is a system solution that automates the product boxing process (cardboard boxes / food trays).
Product transfer device ST-2000 image

Naoji Yamamoto
Sales and Marketing Headquarters
Group Leader Sales Group Kyoto Sales Department

It will be an online seminar (Teams), so you can participate from anywhere via the Internet.
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Application deadline: October 2021, 10 (Monday), 25:18.
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Sorry, but we will decline participation by people in the same industry as us. We hope you understand, and do not take it badly.