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SOLOMON AccuPick 3D & AI Vision

Impossible, possible

Complex picking and place on the production line
Unmanned work.

We, IDEC Factory Solutions
SOLOMON is an authorized distributor in Japan.

Intelligent 3D picking & place system

AccuPick 3D

AccuPick 3D offers a new bin picking technology that combines 3D machine vision and deep learning.This integration makes robots intelligent and enables tasks that were previously thought impossible or difficult.

AccuPick 3D
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What is AI VISION?

AI Vision uses deep learning to detect irregular features and defects that are difficult for a personal computer to self-learn like a human and to be recognized by conventional optical inspection (AOI), and classify products. You can also rate it.Users simply provide samples and let AI Vision learn and identify them, saving them programming effort and significantly reducing the barriers to machine vision adoption.

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