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Material supply process automation solution

With a mobile collaborative robot
Automate material supply to parts feeders

Productivity improvement
Robot System

Outline of the Case

Car maker A company
Introduction Background

Conventionally, parts were manually put into innumerable parts feeders, but there was a limit to the manual work, and I was worried whether this could be automated.
I was looking for an application that could meet the complicated conditions of constantly changing material supply conditions, the operation of pouring materials into the parts feeder, and of course ensuring safety, moving, and loading materials.

Introduced Solutions
  • We propose a mobile collaborative robot that integrates the collaborative robot JAKA Zu7 and SLAM type AMR MiR200 and can move and input materials.
  • We modified it so that a collaborative robot can be driven by a MiR battery, and realized an application that can be moved and input materials.
  • Safety was ensured by safe driving using MiR's two laser scanners and a camera.
  • In addition to that, we have realized safer equipment in accordance with the customer's internal rules and realized safe and reliable material supply.
Introduction Results
  1. ● We are making diligent adjustments for the introduction of the production line.
  2. ● Clear various bottleneck cases and plan to launch mass production on the line in 2021
Products and Services Used
  • JAKA Zu7 made by JAKA

  • MiR MiR200

  • Total

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