For safe use of the MiR system.
We recommend the Anshin Support Plan.

Introduction – The Importance of Regular Maintenance Inspections

Regular maintenance and inspection are essential for the stable operation of MiR.

In order to use the MiR system for a long time, daily inspection is indispensable, but it is not enough.
Depending on how you use it, accidental failure due to system deterioration over time cannot be avoided.
In order not to stop the operation in case of emergency, it is necessary to prepare from the usual.
We recommend subscribing to the Anshin Support Plan.

At times like this!helpful
"Anshin Support Plan"
  • I want to use it without worrying about failure!

    without fear of failure
    I want to use it with confidence!

  • Broken wheels!

    Broken wheels!

  • Suddenly it stopped working!

    I'm stuck!

  • I want to change my work!

    I want to change!

Anshin Support Plan Overview

The Anshin Support Plan is a great value package that provides regular inspections and maintenance by professional staff.
In order to ensure stable system operation and maximum performance, our professional staff will provide daily support and minimize system deterioration.
By using packages, it is possible to control unexpected repair costs and budget for regular maintenance inspection costs.

For details, please contact our sales representative directly.