MiR releases "MiR100" introduction case video in operation at our new factory

MiR has released on their official YouTube channel a case study video of the autonomous mobile robot MiR100 deployed at our new factory. <br> Normally, we support our customers in introducing the solution as a system integrator, <br> but this video shows how we used the know-how we accumulated as such and introduced the robot ourselves. <br> The MiR100 robot equipped with a top module that goes under and tows a cart and moves around by elevator to transport parts and finished products on carts between the 1st to 3rd floors of the new factory. <br> Conventional robots require human help to press a button on the elevator to specify which floor they want to go, but by applying the wireless communication technology cultivated in the control panel business, <br> we built a system which enabled the MiR robot to call the elevator on its own and go up and down the floor without human intervention. <br> You can see the entire video below. MiR100 product page here

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