Basic Ideology

The IDEC Group manages in a way that respects humans, based on the concepts of valuing and nurturing people. As a member of the group, we focus not only on respect for humans but also on skill and human resource development, evaluations and treatment, supporting the development of the next generation, and more.
Another important factor of managing in a way that respects humans is ensuring the safety and health of our employees in all business situations.
We are working actively to prevent work-related injuries and health problems, and we strive to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

Safety Initiatives

In line with our basic management policy of contributing to society and the economy through our business, and on the premise of managing in a way that respects humans, the IDEC Group aims to be the world leader in pursuing safety by always making every aspect of our business safer. We do so in order to create a safe and comfortable environment, not only for the IDEC Group, but also for the global society. As a member of that group, we are making company-wide efforts to ensure safety.

See the IDEC Group's commitment to safety

General Employer Action Plan

April 2019, 9
President: Kiyotaka Takenaka

We will formulate an action plan as follows in order to allow employees working at our company to choose from different work styles that suit their varied lifestyles and to create employment conditions that are comfortable to work in.

Planning Period

2019-year period from Oct. 10, 1 to Sep. 2022, 9


Matters related to maintaining employment conditions

◯ Develop employment conditions that support the balance between work life and family life for employees raising children, etc.
・ Initiatives aimed at female employees that enable those raising children to keep working and play active roles
Hold a seminar that helps to visualize how a career that balances work and childcare looks.

Hold a seminar on balancing work and childcare.

・ Spread the word about different systems
Inform employees about the work-life balance support system available.
Post about it on the company intranet and send out an internal bulletin.

◯ Develop varied working conditions that contribute to overhauling our work style
・ Implement measures to reduce overtime
Lower the average overtime hours to 10 hours or less per month.
Spread the word and reach employees with this information through e-mails and internal notices.