An era in which everything inside and outside the factory is connected via a network
The new value created from that will be used for upcoming business results

  • The FA (Factory Automation) business has been our core business since our establishment. FA, as the name implies, is factory automation.

    The challenges of automation change with the times, but in recent years digital technology has been the key to it. Due to its rapid evolution, FA is also undergoing an unprecedented wave of change.

    One of the triggers was "Industry 2011", which was proposed in Germany in 4.0. The idea is that by connecting everything in a factory via the Internet, "data" can be collected in real time, and human behavior and machines’ operating statuses and history can be "visualized", making it possible to always pursue optimal production.

    FA has used this as an opportunity to enter a new stage of mass customization with so-called "smart factories".

As a member of the IDEC Group, which is expanding globally as a control equipment manufacturer
we promote system integration that unifies hardware and software in the FA field

  • In the midst of this major trend of digitalization, our FA system business is capitalizing on our superiority as a member of the IDEC Group, a leading control equipment company. At the same time, we collaborate with Siemens and HMS, which have cutting-edge technologies in "connections".

    We are always caught up with the latest digital technology and have made efforts to develop FA systems that meet the needs of our customers.

    We will continue to provide high-value-added IoT solutions that unify hardware and software in various FA scenarios.

Introducing EPLAN, the world standard for electrical design CAD

  • Recently, we have also started introducing EPLAN, the world standard for electrical design CAD.

    The greatest feature of EPLAN is that it enables not only design but also engineering in which everything from design to manufacturing and maintenance is connected by digital data.

    Going forward, by sharing data with customers and partner companies, we will dynamically develop a system that can centrally manage an entire supply chain from design to manufacturing using data and achieve more efficient manufacturing.

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    Our Manufacturing DX Promotion Case Study : Utilizing EPLAN

Achieving control panel design and production that clears the "UL508A" standard for overseas markets

  • The UL standards are established by the American certification body "Underwriters Laboratories Inc." and known as some of the most influential safety standards in the world.

    If a company is considering expanding overseas, the UL standards may become a purchasing condition and could become a barrier. However, at our company, for customers who are considering complying with the UL standards or customers who are considering expanding overseas, we realize design and manufacturing methods that clear UL standards, including UL standard "UL508A" for industrial control panels.

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An IoT factory equipped with our digital technology is in operation

  • A new factory that started operation in April 2021.

    The floor area has been expanded to about three times that of conventional factories. In addition to being able to respond quickly and flexibly to various system projects and control panel manufacturing, we have implemented our state-of-the-art technology in every process from design to shipping.

    Not only that, we will reflect the experience we gain through everyday manufacturing at this new factory in proposals to our customers for automation solutions.

    In a way, the new factory is also a showroom for the solutions we provide.

System development results

  1. ・ Predictive management system for machine tools, mold equipment, etc.

    ・ PLC (Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.) remote monitoring system

    ・ Automatic traceability system for processing plants

  2. ・ Factory transport furnace control system

    ・ Using EPLAN to streamline appliance design power and design productivity

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