Contributing to achieving a highly convenient, safe and secure social infrastructure

  • Utilizing IoT technologies is garnering attention not only in factories, but also in the society and infrastructure field.

    Behind this is that development of network infrastructures through digitalization and the popularization of the cloud have progressed, making it possible to provide inexpensive and prompt services.

    Our society and infrastructure business utilizes our cutting-edge technology to provide a plethora of system solutions in buildings and in a wide range of fields, such as civil engineering and construction, transportation, agriculture, and logistics. This business runs stably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support our vital social infrastructure.

Main fields we support

  1. Civil engineering / construction

  2. Agriculture

  3. Transportation

System development results

  1. ・ Building monitoring systems with lighting, etc.

    ・ Transportation systems for distribution centers, airports, etc.

    ・ Agriculture automation / labor reduction systems

  2. ・ Greenhouse control / irrigation control systems

    ・ Remote monitoring systems (danger prediction, presence detection, water level monitoring, liquid level monitoring, etc.)

    ・ Safety systems for civil engineering and construction work

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