Admission Information

Job category
Control design: Control panel design, PLC ladder design
Electronic design: Circuit design for electronic boards, embedded software development
Mechanical design: Robot hand design, robot cell system mechanical design
Number of employees
Just a few
Working hours
Working hours: 8: 20-17: 15 (70-minute break)
Employment status
Full-time employee (mid-career recruitment)
We will decide after discussing it based on the applicant’s ability and age.
Meal allowance, commuting allowance, overtime allowance, etc.
Days off and leave
Saturdays and Sundays (two days off a week), public holidays,
year-end and New Year's holidays, summer, annual paid leave, special leave (marriage, childbirth, condolence, etc.)
◎ 125 days a year
Social insurance fully provided (employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, health insurance, welfare pension)
Employee Welfare
Asset formation, defined contribution pension, use of recreation facilities
Headquarters (Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture)