Basic Ideology

The quality that the IDEC Group aims for is all about ease of use, and in order for us to ensure we are providing excellent products that users can purchase with confidence and use with satisfaction, and that we have the technology to produce them as economically as possible, we have built up a quality assurance system in which we all think and take on challenges together, aiming to make IDEC synonymous with quality. As a member of the IDEC Group, we work together with the entire IDEC Group and strive to provide high-quality products and services in order to earn the trust of our customers.

Quality Policy

We will continue to earn our customers’ trust, fulfill their needs, and provide them with valuable products by invigorating our staff.

Basic Policy

We will focus on providing products that give our customers peace of mind, and strive to improve the quality of products they can rely on.

Conduct Policy

  1. We will combine our ingenuity and technological capabilities to provide high-quality products that are trusted by our customers.
  2. We aim to have all of our employees understand our Basic Policy and Conduct Policy, and along with that, set company-wide goals for each year and quality goals for each department and aim to realize them.
  3. We will communicate, educate, and train well so that all of our employees will recognize the importance of our quality management system.
  4. We will continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  5. We will comply with the various laws and standards that apply to the products we provide.
Enacted April 2007, 4 
Revised June 2014, 6
President: Kiyotaka Takenaka

ISO9001 (Quality Management System)

Certification Standard
ISO9001: 2015 = JIS Q 9001: 2015
Certification Scope
Design and manufacture of control system products and harness products
Design and development of control software and application software
Location: Higashishima-cho 491-0074, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture 2-8
[Manufactures of control equipment and harness products]
Second factory: Higashishima-cho 491-0074-3, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture 37-1
[Manufactures of control equipment and harness products]
Certification Agency
Intertek Certification Japan Ltd.
Date of Registration
December 2006, 12

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