• As a member of the IDEC Group, IDEC Factory Solutions Corporation is aiming to operate in a way that creates social value through our business in accordance with the IDEC Group Code of Conduct.
    By continually collaborating with the group’s other companies to create and provide the value society needs, we believe that our customers will be happy and as a result, our employees will be, too.
    Our goal is to contribute to achieving a safe and secure and sustainable society through the solutions we provide. To that end, we will continue striving to build positive and long-term trusting relationships with our customers and other stakeholders, and promote responsible behavior.

    Katsutoshi Fujiki

  • Representative Director and President Katsutoshi Fujiki

CSR Management

In addition to the E (Environment), S (Society), and G (Governance) that have been garnering social interest in recent years, the IDEC Group has additionally established Sa (Safety) and Q (Quality), two of its strengths, as priority areas in order to comprehensively drive CSR from a long-term perspective. The group is now working on initiatives in all of these areas, and as a member of this group, we at IDEC Factory Solutions are also moving forward with CSR-related work.

CSR Management

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